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Sterling Silver Handcrafted Jewelry created by Karen Dentinger

Behind each piece of jewelry created by Karen Dentinger, there is a story… a past life, an intriguing history. Karen the artisan and owner of Dkd. Studio, fashions new life into collectibles she's gathered from near and far. One of her favorites is a snuff box she found at a tiny shop in Florence, Italy.

Each handcrafted piece begins with a treasure from Karen's collection. There are roughly a dozen steps applied in the historic method of lost wax casting. As the piece goes through this detailed process including the creation of molds, melting of wax, spruing, slurring and pouring hot liquid sterling silver into the cast. Once the piece has cooled and hardened, it goes through a cleaning and finishing process – antiquing, polishing, and stamping the back with the artist's and silver purity mark. From Victorian Mourning Jewelry, stunning earrings are reborn. An antique safety deposit key tag boasting a stately lion’s head becomes the centerpiece of a statement bracelet or a custom one of a kind sterling silver necklace.

An array of exquisite combinations allow each Dkd. piece to be distinctive. Your inspiration and Karen's craftsmanship yield a customized treasure of stones, initials and symbols of life connections.

If you would like assistance creating a piece, please contact us directly for artistic consultation and insight.  You may call us by phone 716.759.1574 or email us at info@DkdStudio.com.  In person consultation is available by appointment at my private home studio.  


Thank you for visiting us.

Karen Dentinger

Owner & Artisan, Dkd. Studio

Established in 2005, Dkd. Studio is located in historic Clarence, New York.