Flag Puffy Heart

Flag Puffy Heart
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Puffy Heart Charm, Sterling Silver Bead Chain

Puffy Heart Collectible History: A puffy charm was fashioned from a thin sheet of silver or gold. It is embossed or formed with a répoussé process (hammered or pressed from the opposite side) and seamed, leaving the inside of the charm hollow. This makes the charm very lightweight and "puffy”. Often the charms are embellished with hand-engraving and additional chasing to enhance the details. 

Puffy Heart at Dkd. Today: We make a mold from the original puffy heart - often times crushing the original in the process.  From the mold, we make a wax "blank", which is used to creat the sterling silver charm through the process of lost wax casting.  

A Dkd. Puffy Heart is not hollow, it is a solid sterling silver piece - breathing life into vintage.

Approved by:  The Millenials and Generation Y

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